Learning Exitget

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Code injection

We provide a simple way for you to take advanced control over your popups if you need. This can be achieved by executing Javascript code at any of the 3 stages of a popup. This could be used to do anything from injecting a tracking pixel to more complex stuff like launching consecutive popups or triggering other elements of your own website. It’s a direct injection of code, making the possibilities limitless within the bounds of your creativity. When the code is injected it’s immediately process through the native Javascript eval function. Each time the specific phase of the popup is triggered the code will rerun.

The three phases of injection that are detailed as follows:

Pre Trigger

This code will be injected if the campaign is ready to be triggered but still hasn’t yet. For example this means that the devices, from redirection location, location filters, operating system, frequency, conversion tracking, etc. are all matched correctly.

Visitation / Impression

This code will be injected when a popup is launch on a users screen.


The code will only be injected once a popup was triggered, launched and the conversion was successful. It’s injected simultaneously as the popup is closing.