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Detect Adblock plugins

Adblock or Ad-block is a highly popular browser feature or plugin that is designed to prevent advertisements from loading across the Internet. Over one third of browsers currently have it or something like it enabled. Since this can be damaging for potential ad revenue you may choose to either block users from visiting your website until they have disabled Adlbock or (less forcefully) suggest that they turn it off. Users can easily add your website to a list (sometimes known as a whitelist) allowing your advertisements to load.

We have developed the easiest way for you to detect when your ads are being blocked to trigger a popup, where you can choose how it will react given various circumstances. For example by removing the close button, turning on the Adblock trigger and adding a backdrop to make the background unclickable, you are essentially locking your website down until the user turns off the Adblock. Similarly you may choose the less aggressive approach of simply suggesting they turn it off so you can earn revenue without disabling their access to your material.

For further reading, we posted a blog about Adblock called How to stop losing one third of your advertising revenue. There we delve deeper into the issues, pros and cons of the Adblock industry.