Learning Exitget

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What is browser focus?

Modern computer operating system and even on smaller devices like phones, are meant for multitasking. This is enabled by providing features to allow you to navigate from on program to another without closing them.

Focus is a word created to represent the application that is currently in use. In most cases, only one application can be in use at a time. For example, on my computer I currently have a browser open, Microsoft Word and my email client but the Word is the foreground program that I’m writing in, therefore Word is the program that currently has my focus.

In web browsers this concept works similarly. When I switch tasks on my computer to bring my browser to the foreground I have placed focus on the browser but within the browser I have tabs. Likewise I am also focusing on the tab that is currently open. If I decide to switch tabs, this tab looses my focus (also called blurring) and the focus in now placed on the new tab that I have switched to.

Exitget provides a way to track this behavior and trigger your popup when your website looses focus. This is meant in both contexts, either by switch browser tabs and changing tasks within the operating system. Likewise a specific duration can be set so the popup only triggers if the focus is lost for a required amount of time. Meaning if I set the duration to 20 seconds, it means I must have switched tabs or tasks in my operating system for a least 20 consecutive seconds before the trigger will go off.