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Redirect a popup to another URL

A popup usually includes a call-to-action button, something that says “get offer” or “subscribe now” which is used to submit information placed in a textbox or simply send a visitor to the next phase of the offer. This usually includes a browser redirection to some other location. You choose the on your site to send the user and when a conversion happen, the popup will redirect the browser to desired part of your website.

The URL you choose can be both a relative or absolute URL, though we strongly recommend using only absolute URLs unless you’re very sure about what you are doing. You can also choose to begin your URL with a double slash //yoursite.com. This will automatically detect the protocol and preserve whatever the current page is using (Ex: http or https).


  • If you leave the redirection location blank, the overlay will close without redirecting the visitor anywhere.
  • If your design doesn't contain a redirection, the redirection location is ignored.