Learning Exitget

Get to know everything about the Exitget platform.


A popup will easily capture information, such as email addresses or phone numbers. By default, the very second you place a text input box on a popup, it will capture and store the information entered into it. This information is automatically stored in the Leads section of the Dashboard. Alternatively, you can use the API to intercept any conversion, then store the information collected or integrate it with any service you desire.

At the top left of the screenshot above, you see two options for filtering by the campaign and/or domain used in making the conversion. This filters the list down to conversions that were from the chosen campaign or domain. Any time a conversion happens, we capture where it came from for you to be able to filter it and analytically understand the activity a popup receives. At no time will we ever share or sell any information captured by your popups.

At the top right of the screenshot above, there are two buttons.

  1. Archive List

    When you press this button it will send all emails under the current page to the Archived Leads section. This section is found on the left menu under Leads / New Leads, you will see a menu option called Archived Leads. Archiving the list will send everything there. You can use this option to clear the list after exporting, it won't delete the data but it will empty the current queue so that it's ready for your next export.
  2. Export to CSV

    This button will start a download of all the leads on the current page. Ideally the way you use this feature is, you first export the CSV, then archive the list, so that next time you get back to check for new leads, you can download all the new content and repeat the process.