Learning Exitget

Get to know everything about the Exitget platform.

Websites domains

Exitget works by providing it’s members with javascript script web link for them to include on the their website. Our platform was designed to support multiple websites running from a single account, even a single campaign.

We monitor the results from each domain that hits your resource link separately and provide the ability to filter how your triggers reacts on each website uniquely. You can also filter your results and statistics from each domain separately. The websites section was created to provide the platform with both an ability to monitor and have full control of the websites using your script. It also helps you with the process of installing the Exitget platform on new websites.

In the Websites / Domains section of the dashboard you will find a list of domains which have your exitget account installed. There are small server icons next to each domain unless a service is detected such as Wordpress for example. In this case the icon will turn into a Wordpress icon and the appropriate installation instructions will be provided when the you are trying to install on this domain if not already. The little red circle next to the icon represents a color code system defined as the following:

Red: The domain does not have exitget.com installed since the last time it checked.
Yellow: The Exitget platform is currently checking to see if it’s installed on this domain.
Green: The domain has your Exitget script successfully installed.

The three button at the top perform the following functions when clicked:

Install Server: This is a direct link to the Websites / Install section located on the left menu of the dashboard. This page helps you with the process of installing exitget on your domain.

Check Servers: Hitting this button will have Exitget perform a background operation on our server which will check all your domains on this list. It analyzes the source code of each domain to see if the your script has been successfully installed or not. This will cause the little color coded circles next to each domain to change color to yellow, then red or green depending on if it’s installed or not. There may be a delay of about a minute or two for the server to complete your checking task depending on how many servers are on your list.

Export to CSV: This button will start a download of a CSV file to your computer. The CSV file will contain all the information provided in the list you have on this current page in a comma delimited format, making it a lot easier to import into other software if needed.