Learning Exitget

Get to know everything about the Exitget platform.

The QuickStart Guide

The QuickStart Guide is the first location a user is taken after registering for the first time. This section is meant to help you get through the whole process of putting a popup on your site for the first time. This gives you an example set up customized for you, so you can examine how the Exitget dashboard works using something that is already in place.

The guide groups together various features and sections of the Exitget dashboard into a convenient list. The list is customized based on the options you choose. Below is a breakdown of the steps found in the guide.

QuickStart Guide Steps

  1. Location

    The guide requests your installation location. This is the same as imputing a root location in the campaign settings page. Making the popup only available within the URL you provide.
  2. Design

    The guide provides you with the option to either (A) upload a popup design from your computer or (B) choose one from our list of templates.
    Option A: Continue to Step 4.
    Option B: Continue to Step 3.
  3. Services

    You are provided with a list of services to choose from. (A) Customize design put connects you with an expert designer who will work with you to customize your design. (B) You get an expert designer to customize your design and we remove the template from our catalog immediately. (C) Choosing No thanks provides you with the template as is. Based on what you choose you will be directed in one of the following ways:
    Option A & B: You presented with the payment pod, allowing you to complete the order. When you press the payment button, the design is saved right before sending you to Paypal. After returning from Paypal you will be sent to the Setup Design page where you can begin specifying the customization you to one of our expert designers on the other end.
    Option C: Continue to Step 5
  4. Configure Actions

    Here is where you indicate where the buttons and text inputs are on the design. This tool allows you to isolate the parts of your popup image to activate those regions. For example making a button clickable a or a white / bordered box into a real dynamic textbox with placeholder text. This option is only available for images that were upload by you because templates already have their actions configured.
    The available dynamic regions are:
    Text input: Capture text information such as an email.
    Redirection button: Close the dialog and forward the visitor to somewhere.
    Cancel button: Simply close the popup with no conversion.
  5. Redirection

    Choose where the popup should direct you once you click on a button on the popup. Leave this blank to simply close the popup without a redirection afterwards.
  6. Triggers

    Choose when an popup is displayed on your site by defining rules it must follow. These rules can be mixed and matched to fit your need in almost any situation. All rules selected will need to be triggered for the popup to appear on your site.
    We selected so rules from our the campaign section to be introduced in the guide.
    Exit Intent: Launch the overlay only once the visitor is moving their mouse cursor upwards towards the back button or location bar. Scroll Detection: Launch the overlay only after the visitor has scrolled their browser past a specified percentage of the webpage. Time Delay: Launch the overlay only after a specified amount of time. Used alone it will automatically launch the overlay. Used with something else it will prevent that thing from happening until the time is up. Window Focus: Launch the overlay only if the window has lost focus. For example when the visitor changes tabs or goes to another program on their computer.
  7. Installation Guide

    When you provide you URL at the top of the QuickStart Guide our server parses your site to detect if there’s one of our known installation types available. If none is detected we provide a basic html guide otherwise we provide the specific instructions for your specific setup.
  8. Confirm Installation

    The final step of the QuickStart Guide you are given two ways of testing if your installation worked successfully. Once confirmed you’re instructed to navigate to the dashboard where you can begin using the platform normally.