Learning Exitget

Get to know everything about the Exitget platform.

What are popups?

We have based our platform on a key technology we call popups. To keep things simple we use this term to encapsulate many other terms as well such as Lightbox, Overlay, Model, Notification, Alert, Tooltip, Dialog and more. The terms essentially mean the same thing to us, they represent content appearing on top your current content. This content could be anything, we let you put 100% of your focus what it is. This technology handles every other aspect of the popup.

We provide you with a dashboard to control what, when, where, how, why your popup should display. You can also control the content outside the popup, for example blurring, dimming, darken, lighting the background content. Furthermore the platform automatically captures any data that is entered into your popup so you can integrate them with other service or export the data directly from your dashboard.

Core Principles

  1. When we developed our popup service we followed some core principles that we believe makes it stand out as the best popup solution online.
  2. Managed by a centralized platform where everything is always up-to-date so we can provide new features and fix any inevitable bugs on-the-fly.
  3. Not dependant on 3rd party frameworks.
  4. Ultra small client-side code. Frameworks can help code be very small. So we built a framework that is custom designed just for the needs of our platform. This helped us make the background code that is on your site very, very tiny and quick to load.
  5. Responsive to different browser sizes and technology.
  6. Complete access to this core technology and platform for free. Services we charge for are things like providing more advanced services to our clients. Such as design sales, customizations and advanced marketing support to business.
  7. We will never self promote through our technology. We never place our domain name or logo on or near your popups. Exitget loads completely transparently behind the scenes and no one would know you're even using our service unless they viewed your source code.