Install Exitget Popups on your Shopify Website
by Andrew Dear
October 20, 2017 — 10:06 AM EDT

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a very popular eCommerce platform where brands can easily launch an online website, store and blog with almost no technical experience. It offers a complete business solution by also handling payment processing, shipping and support for you. It includes a CMS (Content Management System) so you easily manage your web-store without needing a developer or knowing how to code.

Marketing on Shopify

While establishing your store at Shopify, you may find yourself thinking about how to improve the marketing your marketing efforts. There are so many ways your brand can start new marketing efforts but you may want to go with some of the quick and easy things first. Exitget provides a perfect example of this, being a platform that you can easily install and have working for you in less than 15 minutes. With this platform you can launch a popup to prompt the user to subscribe to your mailing list or offer promotions.

What does Exitget do?

Exitget is a platform that helps you put popups on your website. You control everything about them through an easy to use control panel. The platform requires little to no technical experience to completely control and manage your marketing. To get everything kicked off more quickly, or just to inspire you, we also provide awesome designs that can be customized by one of our expert graphic designers.

Installation Instructions

The Exitget popup platform works by running a single line of Javascript code on your website that loads our external script and gives your website all the features our platform has to offer. The instructions below will show you how to install Exitget on your Shopify store.

Edit your Shipify background code by logging in then going to Online Store (a) then Customize theme (b).

Next click on your theme drop menu (a) shown in the image below and chose Edit code (b) from the list.

This loads your theme editor and on the left side you will find all the scripts that run the your Shopify page. Click the theme.liquid file in the Layout folder (a) to access your Shopify tags (b).

After the head tag, create a new line and paste your Exitget script tag displayed below.
Important: It is essential that you do not use the script provided in the example image. When you register you will be provided with a custom code associated with your own account.

That's it, too easy! Remember: Do not copy the code from the image above. It is displayed there as an example and will not work with your account. Register your free account at Exitget to get an installation code which will work with your own account.