Pivot abandoning visitors into sign ups and purchases.
by Andrew Dear
December 28, 2016 — 10:22 AM EST

During our daily lives, we are constantly bombarded by numerous distractions, advertisements and announcements. Your consumer’s attention can be easily lost within all these interference's and that could make the difference between buying a product or not. This was one of the inspirations to build this essential technology to help you pivot your abandoning visitors into signing up and purchasing your products.

Exit Intent is a technology that monitors and tracks mouse movements of the visitors within a website. In addition to this, it also detects many other factors such as mouse speed, window focus, duration on the page, etc. This technology responds to your visitors’ behavior scenarios (e.g. when their mouse moves towards the close or back button, when the mouse is not moving or how far the page is scrolled down).

We designed our service around this technology and if your customers behavior matches the algorithm you’ve set up, our system then displays a popup that contains information aimed to prevent your visitors from leaving.

Exit Intent Optimization (EIO) combines what we understand about consumer psychology with concise and effective marketing. Your visitors likely came to your site because they are interested in what you are offering, so by using our EIO solution you can convince them to stay, through presenting new discounts or special deals.

The potential here is impressive when bounce rates can be as high as 90% (a very common average) with your visitors leaving your website without purchasing anything. When customers are entering from marketing efforts like advertising it’s especially important to make an attempt to reach the best outcome possible. EIO solutions have proven to be very effective at decreasing bounce rates as well as increasing overall sales and registrations.

As a company we have based our platform on Exit Intent Optimization and we designed our product to specifically boost online sales and registrations. We invite you to register for a free & unlimited account.