Welcome to Exitget, our brand new start up!
by Andrew Dear
November 20, 2016 — 1:35 PM EST

Hello, my name is Andrew Dear, I am the CEO/Founder of Exitget and I am so proud to finally tell you about this product we just built.

This is more than just a product; we are a brand that stands up for particular values. To help you understand us a bit better, here are some of the philosophies that we made our main focus:

1.    Understand our customers’ needs to create a product with the most value in the area of Exit Intent Optimization technology. 2.    Create an incredibly easy to use product that scales up in complexity depending on your needs. 3.    Maintain an extremely low overhead and revolutionize the current pricing standard in this industry by providing our incredibly useful service for free.

What is Exit Intent Optimization (EIO)? You can see numerous examples of EIO throughout the web. Any time you are about to leave a site, your cursor flies up to the URL bar and an ad automatically triggers, giving you some extra discount or promotion with the conditions of not leaving this site at this very moment.

This exact marketing strategy is similar to an interaction with a salesman. When pitching several characteristics of a product and a customer’s interest is clearly declining, the salesman would suddenly offer an unbelievable promotion or discount. It is important to entice the customer to stay and re-think their decision. People love bargaining and feeling like they got the lowest price possible. Tapping into this online has incredible potential, if done correctly.

Another example of EIO includes the incorporation of reminders to sign-up for newsletters that would also appear based on specific matched events. By doing so, your mailing list would increase exponentially. Sometimes simply displaying a sign-up button doesn’t cut it; the user needs to be prompted to register.

Exit Intent Optimization technology had recently evolved into such an advanced field, it doesn’t make sense for you to personally develop these solutions on your own. We have chosen to master this amazingly complex technology for you and provide it in a very simple and responsive way. Contact us and let us know how we can help you get this set up just right for your business.

Hope to be hearing from you soon. Sincerely, Andrew