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Engage Your Visitors
And Improve Conversions

Nurture your sales by interacting with your potential customers at the right moment.

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How it works

The Exitget Conversion Optimization Sales Strategy

track behavior
Track customer interactions

Tracking your visitors behavior and journey, allows you to identify your potential customers while they’re on your website. Being aware of what visitors are doing helps you interact with them at the right moment.

behavior triggers
Define behavioural triggers

Patterns found through tracking can be used to create predictions. These predictions can be used to trigger perfectly timed nudges that help push your customers in the right direction.

automated marketing
Create a roadmap to success

Intelligent automated marketing is a proven method of retaining and growing a customer base. It's used to nurture your sales journey by interacting with your website visitors at the right moments, turning them into paying customers.

Complete Popup Management

Completely control when, where and how a popup should be displayed.

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What we offer

website overlays

Website Overlays

automated marketing

Automated Marketing

marketing support

Great Standard Support

Promotional Offers

Completely control promotional offers that can be used to unlock discounts or direct your customers to a another location of your site.

Focus User Attention

Create a clear call-to-action and ease the decision making process customers face in the vastness of products available to them online.

Give a Surprise Gift

Sweeten the deal with a limited time offer that is unexpected to your customer. This will help close the deal and keep them coming back looking for more.

Email Marketing

Capture email addresses directly from your popup without any programming or set up. Use this to create an opt-in mailing list for your website.

Optimize Subscriptions

Grab your user's attention with an animated reminder to subscribe to your newsletter.

Generate Leads

Easily start building a mailing list in minutes with no programming knowledge.

Exit Intent Detection

Track your customers mouse behavior to know when your customer's about to leave your site. When they're going astray, offer them a deal they can't refuse.

Reduce Cart Abandonment

Prevent forgotten orders by reminding your customer that their purchase wasn't complete yet before they leave.

Lower Bounce Rates

Greatly reduce the percentage of users who leave your site within the first 30 seconds after arriving, converting them into customers.

AdBlock Detection

Detect if any kind of Ad Block plugin is currently active on your users browser. When it is, you can obfuscate the specific area you wish to protect or kindly ask them to disable it.

Protect Your Content

Only people who have either paid for a membership or have adblock off can view the valuable content on your site.

Revitalize Ad Revenue

Easily a third of your visitors are not able to view your ads because of ad block software. Tell your vistors to disable it for your site and reclaim advertising as a revenue source.

Easily Integrates With All Your Services

zapier integration wordpress integration shopify integration wix integration magento integration squarespace integration weebly integration opencart integration bigcommerce integration slack integration mailchimp integration tumblr integration


What does Google think about popups?

Google uses an extremely complex algorithm to decide the order that links show up in on their search engine. The way that they come up with these results is a closely guarded secret. Though the algorithm they use may be private, throughout various material on their site they give us clues behind their logic. Though a highly speculated topic, Google’s material has never covered their stance on interstitials (aka popups) and if they can affect pagerank until the relatively recent past. In 2017 Google blogged some information about interstitials and how they’re modifying their search engine algorithm to include rules about them. Mobile search results are generated by a slightly different algorithm than results from a non mobile browser like a PC. Google has stated that the new rules about interstitials only applies specifically to mobile search results. This is because of an initiative by Google since 2015 to make their search results higher quality for users on mobile devices. Mobile devices have smaller screens compared to PC’s and require added user friendliness. This is why they have taken a stance against certain types of popups that obscure content for no good reason. When there isn’t much viewing area in the first place, requiring visitors to try to figure out how to close an intrusive popup provides a bad user experience. Their initiative only targets a very specific scenario where a popup launches immediately after a visitor navigates from their search engine to your website. It also only applies if your popup does not have a genuine intention. For example, popups that are in response to legal obligation such as Terms of Service notices, cookie usage agreement, age verification, app install banners, and even any popups that leave a reasonable amount of space and are easily closable are all okay to use and will not be affected by the change. We couldn’t agree more with Google’s position and strongly believe marketing tools like popups need to be used intelligently and with purpose. Our platform helps you do just that by providing all the tools you could possibly need to comply with these rules and provide your users with a high quality browsing experience. If you want to know if your website fits Google’s standards as a mobile friendly site, you can use their tool located here.
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